Name, Department, Title, Extension, Email Address

Carrie Urbanelli, Operations, President, 120,

Andrew Le, Accounting, Accounting/Finance, 125,

April Seward, Underwriting, Director of Underwriting - Renewals,

Austin Card, Underwriting, Underwriter,

Beth Freeman, Underwriting, Chief Underwriting Officer, 142,

Brandy Schaffer, Operations, Senior Administrative Associate, 100,

Brent Collinson, Underwriting, Underwriting Coordinator, 107,

Chris E. Cooper, Sales, Executive Vice President of Sales, (616) 291-4887,

Cresencia Reilly, Claims, Senior Claims Auditor,

Curtis Simons, Claims, Stop Loss Coordinator, 104,

David Ho, IT, IT Support Services, 127,

Denise Rosetti, Medical Management, Stop Loss Coordinator, 148,

Fay Mecke, Claims, Vice President of Claims & Medical Management, 117,

Grace Farrell, Accounting, Stop Loss Coordinator, 131,

Irene Murphy, Claims, Stop Loss Auditor, 112,

Jackie Long, Underwriting, Sr. Director of Underwriting, 114,

Jessica Theil, Underwriting, Renewal Underwriter, 130,

Joanne McLoughlin, Claims, Senior Stop Loss Auditor, 129,

Kate Wagner, ClaimsRecord Keeping,

Kevin Whitehouse, Claims, Senior Claims Auditor, 121,

Kristin Evans, Operations, Operations Support, 126,

Kyle Kreck, Claims, Stop Loss Auditor, 132,

Lindsay Hilly, Underwriting, Director of Underwriting - Level Funded, 119,

Lyubov Palyukh, Underwriting, Underwriting Coordinator, 147,

Maria Berardo, Claims, Stop Loss Coordinator, 105,

Matt Williams, IT, Network Administrator,

Melissa Strausser, Claims, Stop Loss Coordinator,

Michelle Weakland, Claims, Senior Stop Loss Auditor, 106,

Riquita Hunt, Underwriting, Underwriter, 133,

Samantha Kalil, Underwriting, Underwriter, 122,

Seteya Yan, Accounting, Group Administrator, 137,

Ted Sardinia, Sales, Vice President of Sales, (704) 562-4885,

Teresa Grossi Brinkman, Operations, Chief Operating Officer, 136,

Tricia Hunter, Underwriting, Senior Underwriter, 128,

Tyler Griffin, Underwriting, Underwriter/Coordinator, 141,

Yvonne Williams, Underwriting, Stop Loss Coordinator, 124,